Walter Wehner was born 1958 in Kusel Germany as a son of a press photographer and a dark room technician. Already as a child, he considered the dark room at home his favorite playground. Aged thirteen, he inherated his father´s Leica M2, allowing him to gather his first personal experences with photography. Self-thaught,he worked during the mid 1980á as a freelance photographic assistant in Frankfurt/Main. In 1989, he began work as a freelanc photographer in Munich. In 2001, he began to dedicate himself to the artistic production of his photographs; from 2005-2012 he regulary took part in group shows at Haus der Kunst as well as many other exhibitions. Walter Wehner is a member of FMDK Munich

Einzelaustellung:2003 x Filme, Berlin Fotografisches Essay Was ntzt die Liebe in Gedanken.Gruppenaustellungen2007 Neuer Kunstsalon, Haus der Kunst Mnchen.2006 K2006. Haus der Kunst Mnchen2004 K2005.Haus der Kunst Mnchen2004 26:4 Bayerisches Filmzentrum GeiselgasteigProjekte:1993-1994 #001 Ein Kunstprojekt fr Fotografie in MagazinformHipp Kunsthalle Mai 2012
Werkschau Oktober 2012 Stadtmuseum Kusel